Friday, August 20, 2010

I am back!!!!

Ok so I know that it has been close to a year since I have posted anything on our blog, and there are no excuses except just living life. I am at home with tonsillitis and pink eye and am tired of watching TV and so I decided to update my blog. We have been up to a lot this year. Scott joined the S.O.R.P organization and races his quad once a month sometimes twice a month. As a family we all camp out at the track for the weekend. We have met some really great people and Riley has even had her first Battery operated quad race, and she got 1st place!!! Riley has been a busy girl this summer. She had a lot of play dates, two cousin camps, the circus, many trips to the pool, pro baseball games, pro soccer games, and more. She is almost three and definitely keep us on our toes. She talks non stop whether she has something important to say, or just sing, or just make noise. She loves to play with her babies and take care of them. She will be starting Mother's Day Out in Sept. at a new school, and we are very excited. Some of her friends are even going to be in her class. As for me I have been enjoying playing, teaching and learning from my precious baby girl. I have also found my crafty side. I have started my own bow business, and am really being creative and making cute, adorable creative bows. Well I think that about wraps up my summary, and I am going to try and keep things updated better. Oh, and if you forgot what we look like here is a current picture of my beautiful precious family, I am sooooo blessed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Sanders New Camper!

Here it is! Our new camper! It is a 26ft, 2006 Keystone NRG Toy hauler camper trailer! We are so excited and can not wait to go camping and make many memories together with our friends and family!

Queen bed in the front of the camper!

Bathroom sink and queen bed in front on camper!

Shower and potty!

Looking to the back of the camper from the front on the camper! The couch and the table turn into beds, and there is two electronic queen beds that come down in the back!

What you see when you walk in the front door!

What you see to the left when you walk in the door!

Looking to the back of the camper from the front of the camper!

Looking to the front of the camper from the rear of the camper!

Kitchen sink, it is immediately to your right when you walk in the door!

This is how the 4 wheeler rides in the camper. The back wall of the camper opens up and becomes a ramp for Scott to ride the 4 wheeler in the back. Then there are tie downs in the floor to tie the 4 wheeler down, and then we close the back! That is why it is called a toy hauler!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trip to the Oregon Sand Dunes

In August we headed to the coast of Oregon to meet some friends at the Oregon Sand Dunes! We were going to experience the Sand dunes on the coast on the 4 wheelers! We headed to Oregon Friday afternoon when Scott got off of work. We went about 3/4 of the way and decided to call it a night and get some rest! Then we woke up the next morning and drove the remainder of the trip to Reedsport, OR! The home od the Oregon Sand Dunes!! We had to get Scott's 4 wheeler registered and then we were ready to hit the dunes! The dunes are right on the coast of oregon, and so while Scott went and road the dunes, Riley and I played on the beach! It was pretty cold and windy that day, so it was not a day for bathing suits and playing in the water. We were wearing jeans and jackets...if that tells you how cool it was...and so we just played in the sand, dug for sea shells, watched horseback riders ride down the beach, watched people fly kites, and put our feet in the water! We had a great time! That afternoon Riley and I went to the hotel in Coo's Bay, where we stayed, and took naps and Scott road some different dunes! Then that evening we went to dinner and then called it a night! On Sunday, we met some family firends Donna and Dode at the dunes for us all to go out and have some fun! We jung out in the parking lot and played and visited, and then the guys went out on the 4 wheelers,and Donna took me and Riley out on the razor to experience the dunes as well! It was the first time for the both of us, and it was so much fun!!! Riley really enjoyed it...she was yelling WHEEE the whole time and waving at all the other riders on the tunes! It was too cute!! Then that afternoon we headed back on the long 8 hour hourney home! It was s long drive, but so worth it in the long run! Donna and Dode thank you so much for inviting us, we had a GREAT time! Riley has not stopped asking about yall yet!

The Oregon Dunes

Scott's tracks from rising on the beach!

Just chillin!

Scott putting his paddle tires on his 4 wheeler!

You have to ride with a flag on the dunes so people can see you!

Look no hands!! Woohoo!!

Scott riding the dunes!

Riley playing in the sand!

Riley looking for sea shells!

Me and Riley on the beach!

Hey there is something on my that sand...LOL!!!

Riley reading the map of the dunes so that she can tell us where to go!!

Dode, Riley and Scott walking back from washing their hands!

The boys heading out to ride the dunes!

Riley in Donna's hat...she loved wearing it!

Riley sitting with Donna!

The family on the 4 wheeler at the dunes!

Taking a break!

Me, Riley, and Donna going out on the dunes in the Razor! FUN!!

Some Elk that we saw on the side of the road! Too Awesome!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scott and Riley's Date Night

Scott got some tickets to the Tri Cities Dust Devels Minor League Baseball game here in town, and wanted us to all go as a family; but I was still battling the stomach bug. Therefore, Scott decided to take Riley on a date with him to the game! She was so excited! They had a great time at the game, and did not get home until 10:30pm!! Way past curfew...they were both!! When they got home Riley was absolutely WIRED!!! She was talking 90 to nothing and she was telling me all about the game, the boys, and the ball! It was so cute! She did not stop talking about it for days! Here are some pictures of there special night!!

Riley and Daddy at the game!

Riley cheering them on!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For those of you that do not know....Scott has started racing his 4 wheeler at a little track here in Richland that is just around the corner from the house! He loves it, and it is a great stress release for him! Riley and I enjoy watching him and cheering him on! We have also made some friends at the track and so we enjoy hanging out with them! Scott's first race he got last place, and then in his second race her got 3rd place! WOOHOO!! He is getting better every race! The next one is not until September!

Go #10!!

Scott taking the checkered flag and getting 3rd place! WOOHOO!!!

Riley cheering daddy on!! Go Daddy Go!!!

Scott and his work buddies that came to cheer him on! His pit crew!

Riley made a friend...they squirted each other with the water bottle of water to cool off!!!

Riley playing with her new race track friends!!